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by The Final Code

August 30th, 2013

Attention Merchants!!!

Do you have your online shopping catalog ready for the holidays?  Do not miss out on the biggest sales margins of the year.  There will be more people than ever shopping online this holiday season, so what are you waiting for?  Come in here now and prepare yourself for the harvest!


“The Final Code Internet Marketing & Production Firm” in the heart of Ventura will be introducing Ecommerce shopping cart solutions for 2013’s last quarter sales via weekly complimentary “Lunch Workshops” starting September 13th.  Bring your lunch along with your questions and concerns and we will do the rest to educate you on how to move YOUR holiday merchandise off the shelves.


Register today, seating is limited.  Please call 805-243-8321 to reserve your spot and don’t hesitate, you won’t get this information for ‘free’ anywhere else!

Receive an affordable Ecommerce online shopping website in time for the holiday season.



1068 E Main Street #100

Ventura, CA 93001



Sept. 13 through Dec. 17, 2013

Every Friday from 12-1pm

We are offering Full Ecommerce online shopping sites to the first 100 attendees at a pre-holiday markdown ($200 per month for six months hosting fees included for a $2,500 savings).


Your Ecommerce site will include:

  • PayPal and payment processing functionality

  • FedEx / USPS shipping setup

  • Real time shipping results

  • Every Item Search Engine Optimized



Once your site is setup you will receive four (4) hours of free training on how to:

  • Add unlimited amounts of product

  • Add product videos/ photos

  • Create item attributes

  • Set stock levels

  • Add unlimited amount of categories and departments

  • Add sales items (no calculations)

Google Plus Online Network, Profile, Help, Ventura

by James Nisky

May 15th, 2013

Google+ is a fairly new feature from Google.  It is essentially a social network, you create a profile and a page, other users can be added to “circles”.  Users who are in the same circle receive information shared by each other.  People may wonder why they should take the time to begin participating in a new social network when other well established entities such as Facebook and Twitter exist with such a large user base and amount of popularity.  Google+ offers several advantages over other social networks.  


The most appealing advantage is that it is run by Google with is the world’s largest search engine, so there are some Google search placement advantages associated with businesses participating in Google+.  Google+ has over 90 million users, but comparatively Facebook has over 1 billion users each month so at this point Google+ should not be thought to replace Facebook anytime soon.  However, 60% of Google+ users log on daily but no statistics are easily available regarding how frequently Facebook users log-in.  80% of Google+ user engage in some activity at least once a week.  To put this figure in perspective only 50% of Twitter’s users log in daily.  This indicates that most Google+ users are obviously more active and engaged than the users of other social networks.


In Google+ a business can let people in their circles know about their brand and also use it to provide customer service.  Businesses with Google+ profiles tend to have their site indexed by Google’s search engine very quickly.  Links can be shared in circles and users can “+1” the link (or anything else you share).  +1 links may rank higher in Google’s search engine as a result of the “+1”.


The best reason to become involved in Google+ is for the fact that Google is the top search engine by a large margin with no signs of decline.  Orienting your business in Google+ will help to establish its recognition by Google which will increase your site’s search engine placement as a result.


Google plus has an edge over twitter, and facebook regarding specialized topics such as photography, etc.


There is a reaction to think that because everyone is on facebook that naturally that is the best outlet for marketing your business.  While it is true that due to facebook’s huge user population that it should be used as a format for promotion, it is also possible to become lost in a sea of other businesses who are all attempting to do the same thing.  Although Google Plus is comparatively new it is a nice balance of a significant amount of users without having too many people fighting for attention, likes, and popularity.


Google Plus also has an advantage over Facebook or Twitter in that people congregate online into “Communities” that share a common interest or passion.  Google Plus has communities organized to discuss, share, and enjoy particular interests.  If you have a passion for politics then you can join a community of users who share the same political interests as yourself.  Perhaps you own a political blog and news website, you can join a community on Google Plus that is interested in the same issues you are.  By contributing to the community you will draw attention to your site or blog.  This same concept can be applied to any business that you may run.  Google Plus is particularly better suited to this type of interaction because this is the reason that people participate in Google Plus.  


While many businesses attempt promotion on Facebook realistically Facebook’s primary use is for people who personally know each other to keep in touch and up-to-date on each other’s recent activity in their personal lives.  Because Facebook’s user population is so large businesses tend to feel obligated to participate but it is extremely difficult to gain any sort of traction through Facebook promotions.  In most cases such promotions are only going out to friends and family and don’t have a great chance of helping to generate a significant amount of business.  

Although businesses try to develop some sort of presence on Twitter its most popular use is to provide real-time updates of current events.  For example, “Just had lunch at P.F. Chang’s . . . so good!”, “There was a bank robbery by my house!”, or “Wow, the Lakers are getting killed by the Heat!”  People don’t typically pay much attention to self-promoting style’s of “tweets”.  They aren’t interesting to people on Twitter who are just looking to read fun status-updates.

Google Plus sits in a very nice niche that is missing from Facebook.  Unlike Facebook, Google+ users are actually interested in interacting with people they don’t know personally but do happen to share their interests.  As opposed to Twitter, Google+ users are looking for a more involved interaction rather than a quick conversation about nothing in particular.  If you are a professional photographer then you can join a community of other photographers or photography interested people.  In this instance, the people in the community will be genuinely interested in what you do.  Interacting like this is not a shot in the dark like it can be on Facebook or Twitter.

There are a huge amount of other benefits that come from having a Google+ profile.  Once you you have your Google Plus account arranged the profile picture associated with your account will appear next to your website in search results, this helps your site stand-out in search pages.  Another interesting feature is that when a person is in one of your circles on Google+ when they use Google’s search engine your site’s ranking will increase in their results because of your shared connection.

We don’t need to tell you how important it is to rank highly and be in good standing with Google and all of its various features and areas.  Organizing your businesses online presence with Google has a tremendously positive effect.  We encourage you to contact us so that we can show how easy and affordable it is to have our company adress these issues for you.

Search Engine Optimization increases search ranking and website traffic

by The Final Code

April 2nd, 2013

Using a Search Engine Optimization marketing (SEO) consultant can increase traffic to your website!

A professionally programmed website does greatly increase your local marketability. Simultaneously, it uses the internet to take your business to places your “Brick & Mortar” location can’t go! It’s obvious, really, that increasing the amount of potential customers is an advantage every business owner wants. Having a viable online presence, which is best established by a professional SEO consulting firm, is critical in obtaining a larger base of consumers looking for your products or services.  These consumers can be from Camarillo to Canada, from Ventura to Venice, (Italy, of course), or ANYWHERE. The point is, using the internet increases the amount of ACTUAL customers likely to do business with your company.

Having a relevant website, social media campaign or other form of internet marketing has proven to be successful in expanding a company’s visibility far beyond their local market. Remember, though, a relevant website needs to be seen at the TOP when it comes to search engine results! Online consumers use a wide variety of terminology when searching for goods and services, definitely not just the NAME of your specific business. If you are a local manufacturer and distributor of, let’s say…CHEESE! (Hahahah…) I digress… but do customers search using merely the word “CHEESE”? Of course they don’t! They might look for “cheddar”, “brie”, “smoked gouda”, or even stinky ol’ “limburger”!  That’s why the best way to increase traffic to your website is to seek assistance from a knowledgeable SEO consultant.  It is their job to know what terms are most used to find your type of business—helping your website reach the maximum potential customer base!

Other forms of advertising for your business in any medium are costly and generally ineffective. That stands to reason as only a few potential customers will even see or hear your ad. But having a custom designed website and other effective internet marketing strategies will not only provide your local customers with a better shopping experience.  It can, and will, be seen by ANYONE, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME. So, don’t limit your visibility, expand your horizons. To find out how to do it, contact the professionals at today. Visit their website, or call 805-243-8321 today for a free consultation. Be seen, FIRST!

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Online shopping is a growing trend. Local Businesses need to compete on the Internet.

by Administrator

January 25th, 2013

Product Sales

Online shopping is a continually growing trend, especially around the holidays. Statistics show the largest growth is occurring in the retail sector, which earned $162 billion in 2011. E-commerce (online sales) has been forecast to exceed that by more than $100 billion in 2015! That rate jumps during holidays and other gift giving occasions like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, anniversaries, birthdays, and so on. Your local business needs to compete in the rapidly expanding internet sector, or it has no chance to keep up with the online giants.  Don’t let the bigger companies like Amazon and Google take all the pie. A website can help sell your products, plain and simple, 24/7. It’s easier to get started than you think. And the sooner you take action, the sooner you can start to get a piece of the internet-market pie. Call today at (805)243-8321 for advice or a free consultation.

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Get Your Business Found Online By Consumers For FREE!

by Agent Zero

August 14th, 2012 is a FREE online directory connecting customers to local businesses like you. We make it easier for people to find local services and quicker for local businesses to find new potential customers!

Now local businesses can increase their online presence through for FREE!

Did you know that 97% of local consumers shop online and that nearly 10,000,000 searches take place each month in Ventura County?

More Online Exposure Please!

Thousands of online visitors use Ventura County Now for their shopping needs because they offer one simple site to use to find a multitude of goods and services.

Local Businesses can increase their visibility on with Enhanced Listings! Your business listing will include a multitude of cool features geared to attract online shoppers!

  • Showcase your business with pictures!
  • Broadcast your Face Book Page and Website!
  • Post reviews about your good or services!
  • Post special offers to entice customers to come to your door!
  • Have to opportunity to be selected as a Featured Business and score Front Page Press!
  • Have the opportunity to be selected to score a Professionally Produced Video to post to YouTube and your listing!

How much does it cost?

It’s FREE!

How do you get an Enhanced Listing?

Give a call and they will send their crew out to take pictures of your business, write a review on your goods and services, and gather all the information they need to create your listing! They may even select your business as a Front Page Featured Business and produce a free video for you!


Call Them Today at 805-243-8321 to Secure Your FREE Enhanced Listing!               


Yellowbook websites are not a good idea

by Administrator

April 4th, 2012

One of our customers built a website with Yellowbook who now has ownership of the domain name and will not release it.  Before building the website, the Yellowbook Rep assured the customer that if he ever wanted to build his own website they would release the domain name.  What he didn’t mention is that they would do anything possible to make this difficult.

When we spoke with Yellowbook they informed us that they would release the domain at the end of the current contract.  When speaking to them they informed us they would not release the domain name until 1 year after the website was published.  The rep claimed that the website was published at a later date so they would not release the domain name until one year from that date. According to the customer their website has been in operation for some time, so clearly their records are inaccurate or their “retention department” is making things up.

If you are considering building a website with Yellowbook look elsewhere.

The SEO Secret Weapon

by Agent Zero

February 13th, 2012

The SEO Secret Weapon

If you have a web site, you may have noticed one of two things about the traffic you get from search engines.

Your search traffic may have dried up overnight, with once-healthy streams turning into a sad little trickle.

Or you may have noticed a nice, steady improvement as you’ve climbed higher in the SERPs (search engine results pages), while other sites that used to outrank you suddenly evaporated.

There’s a super-secret new ingredient in SEO.

It was always a factor, but it’s become even more important recently, as the Google team relentlessly declares war on what they see as tricks and sneaky tactic

Ready for the mind-blowing “secret new ingredient”?

It’s the authority, editorial focus, and relevance of your site — in other words, your site quality.

Be careful — site quality may not mean what you think it means

It’s not just good writing. That can help, but it’s not enough.

It’s not just having a lot of content. That helps too, but it has to be the right content.

And it’s not just optimization. Optimization still matters … but only after you take care of these key site quality factors.

Improving your site quality means building a site that works for users first, and search engines second.

Let’s take a look at some individual elements of site quality, and how you can boost them to create a site that works for users and search engines.

Is your site someplace readers want to be?

One of the factors Google looks at is how long a reader spends on your site. Not just on the page they land on, but are they sticking around to check out other pages?

It starts with site design that’s clean, uncluttered, and appealing.

It may not make sense for you at this point to spend thousands of dollars on graphic design, but anyone can benefit from great-looking site design (that also happens to be well-optimized for SEO).

You also want to make sure you’re on good, reliable web hosting, so that waiting for your site to load doesn’t resemble waiting in line at the DMV. Slow sites aren’t good for users and they don’t earn search engine love.

Finally — and most important — you need to put reader questions, problems, and concerns front and center. If you’re a great resource for them, they’ll stick around and see what else you have to offer. What’s the secret there? Content… of course.

Less sophisticated SEOs might advise you to outsource a writer (who may or may not be particularly proficient in English) to slap together hundreds of pages that have the right keywords on them.

That’s a sign that you need to fire your SEO. The true SEO pros know that it isn’t just content you need — it’s good content.

Good content isn’t always the most gracefully written. It might violate every grammatical rule in the book. It might be brash, or weird. It might offend your in-laws.

But for your purposes, it’s good content if it’s:

  • The content      your readers actually want to read, and
  • It’s content      that serves your persuasion goals.

Good content is persuasive, it’s interesting, it’s useful, and it gets shared. It earns the “signals” that tell search engines you’ve got the best site in your topic.

What do you talk about most of the time?

This one can be a real advantage, letting a relatively small site win the SERP battle against a much bigger competitor … for the right term.

That’s because Google now looks more closely at what you talk about most of the time.

Here on The Final Code, we talk a lot about website design and SEO marketing which relates to content marketing. We don’t talk much about pizza, weight loss, or pharmaceuticals.

That’s why for every site that got kicked in the teeth by Google’s Panda update, there was another site — one with a lot of high-quality content that was well focused around a particular topic — that started to see a nice boost in search traffic.

Write about what you want to rank for. Then write some more about that. Then write some more.

Keep your content focused. Keep serving your audience. And keep showing up.

Every page is a landing page

You don’t know how your next reader will find your site. It might be the result of a search. It might be from a social media share. It might be an email post that got forwarded. You might have bought some traffic with pay-per-click.

It doesn’t actually matter. Because every page on your site is a landing page for someone. The reader jumps into your site there … and looks around to see what to do next.

Every page has to lead gracefully into everything else you do. Every page has to underscore the value you provide.

That means you make your navigation user-friendly, you highlight your very best content, and you get smart about internal links. Which brings us to …

How to use your link structure

Remember when we talked about keeping readers nicely stuck to your site, poking around and finding lots of good stuff to read, listen to, or watch?

That’s one of the many excellent reasons to have lots of internal links in your content.

What should you link to? To your best content — what we call your cornerstone content. Your best advice, your best thinking, and your best answers to the questions readers come up with again and again.

Content landing pages are a handy way to focus those links, but you should also keep linking to your favorite posts that address a key point in your topic particularly well.

This encourages readers to spend some more quality time on your site. The resulting backlinks you get aren’t exactly going to make or break you with the search engines, but if the scraped page has any readers at all, some of them will come find you.

Remember to be smart about how you’re using anchor text when you link to your own stuff. Use keywords gracefully, and again (as always) write for your readers first. Don’t try to stuff your content with internal links — use them when they make sense and give the reader a deeper view into what you write about.

Of course it isn’t new

Obviously I’m indulging in a bit of silliness by calling this a “new” factor. Google (and the other search engines) have always wanted to make site quality their main factor — but doing that was difficult.

So they put a bunch of very brainy engineers on it, and every year they get a little better.

Here’s what one of their relatively new engineers said in a recent interview, quoted in Web Pro News.

Manipulating Google results shouldn’t be something you feel entitled to be able to do. If you want to rank highly in Google, be relevant for the user currently searching. Engage him in social media or email, provide relevant information about what you’re selling, and, generally, be a “good match” for what the user wants.

That’s always been their position. Trying to fight that by exploiting weaknesses in their algorithm is a short-term solution that tends not to work very well for your readers … or for the long-term health of your business.

Don’t take shortcuts, they take too long

I was talking with a gentleman at a conference this week, and he mentioned a colleague with dozens of clients who got utterly demolished by Google’s Panda update — an update designed to improve the quality of the sites Google ranks well.

Interestingly, every one of those Panda-smacked clients followed the same marketing guru for “shortcuts” to good search traffic.

Shortcuts can work for a little while. And you may have found a good one that will get you a quick burst of traffic while you build something that lasts.

But if you aren’t building a site that’s worth reading (and that’s therefore worth sharing in social media, and worth linking to), the most brilliant shortcut in the world will take you away from where you want to go.

You aren’t serving search engines - you’re serving readers and customers. Put them first and everything else will start working for you.