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PPC vs Organic SEO

Your website has to be searchable, visible, and actually seen by people!

There's no point in having a website if nobody can see it, not if it’s a website for your business and the goal is for the website to generate new customers, leads, clients, or sales.

If the targeted online traffic you're seeking can't find you, the website will only be an online business card that you can tell people to check out. What do we mean targeted traffic? That means the people who are searching online for something you can provide, the people you are targeting, the people you want to do business with, the people who you need to make aware of your existence.

SEO its one of the most exploited markets in the modern market place. This is because most clients purchasing SEO don't know what they're supposed to purchase, so they don't know what they’re owed for their investment or when they're being taken advantage of, and it happens every day!

Countless people have come into our Ventura office with a huge number of problems and they usually relate back to trusting a “web guy” who's supposed to know how to handle their business’ online presence, and SEO is a service area in which businesses are frequently exploited.

We all know the phone book is dead (which is why its shrunk in size by 75% in the last 10 years), we all know your business needs to be on Google, Bing, and Yahoo . . . if people are looking for your service you want to be on page 1 otherwise you’re missing out on the great majority of business in your area. But for what online searches do you need to be found? What are the search terms that are available to you? Do you know? The best terms for you may be quite different than what you think. This is where we want to start with a client. First, let’s determine how big the hill you have to climb is so you can set your pace.

People presume “If i can only pay x number of dollars per month I have top rankings for the search term “wellness”, but they don't even understand what is going into achieving those rankings which will prevent winning those ranks. This is why whether intentional or not, 95% of businesses get taken advantage of by online marketing, web design, or SEO companies. This scenario is the same in Ventura County and everywhere else.

If you want to win that ranking you'll need to provide more content, higher quality content, more detailed content, and the most recent content relating to those searches, your website has to be the best reference point according to each search engine. Can you be the best reference for the search “wellness”? Yes! But it’s a challenging, highly involved, ongoing process.

To be found, you'll need to generate content relevant to your business and relevant to the searches you’re seeking to rank highly for. To be the best reference point specifics are important. If you’re selling chairs, what kind of chair is it? What materials are used? Where is it made? What color is it? When was it made?

If those details aren't on your website but are on somebody else's then they'll make the sale because the search engine matches your site with what the customer is searching for. Then the customer sees what they want on that site, not yours.

Your business’ philosophy needs to be shared throughout your site.

People won't magically find your site because it has a pretty background or cute icons, even if they do find your site they may not have a door directly to the content they're looking for. People will not jump through hoops to try to make your website usable for them, your website has to do all of the work for them.

By a door, we mean a search engine optimized page in which the content is easily readable by search engines so they know what the page is selling, offering, or about. This is the only way your website can rank highly for the appropriate related searches. How do you do that?

You need a website, one you can manage yourself, otherwise the price of paying somebody to regularly update and maintain your site will become prohibitive and you’ll lose out to your competitors. Competition is fierce, and it’s silly to lose business because you haven’t invested in a proper online presence. The internet dominates everything, and businesses who don’t embrace it are destined to go extinct. This is the natural way of things. Animals who don’t adapt to a changing environment die off. So too will business who don’t adapt to the changing business environment.

Social media. Some people want to think this is an alternative to search engine marketing (SEM) because they think it’s easier, and it’s free. But it’s not going to drive people to your site, they'll just be left on that channel. Social media is good for celebrities and for some businesses. By no stretch of the imagination does it hold a candle to search engine marketing, search engine placement, search engine optimization, SEO, online marketing . . . call it whatever you want.

You need to concentrate on creating content for your site, and you need a site you can easily run yourself. This is why we've made our own system which our clients can use - a Content Management System (CMS) which is a system that anybody can run (without programming code).

Content marketing is the best way to let search engines understand your site. Google is taking all of your content on your site, indexing it, and relating any search term with that content. The more relevant your content is to a search, the more relevant your site is. Therefore, Google will display your page if you're following all the rules and your website’s content matches with the search. How highly it is displayed depends upon how close your site matches, and how valuable it is as a reference point.

It’s important to be aware of the vernacular of the world today. There are so many different people, and there is a big mish mash of language, slang, regional dialects, and all of this co-mingling creates highly varied and assorted ways in which search engines are used and what type of phrasing is used in search queries. As a result, there is a need to analyze what search terms are used, and how to code your site for recognition for those terms. Think of yourself as the search engine. Coding the site for the wrong terms would be the equivalent of trying to read a book in a language you don’t understand, you wouldn’t know what the book was it about! So coding a site for search engine placement means telling the search engine what the website about in a language it can understand.