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For over a decade as one of the most successful internet marketing firms and SEO companies in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties we are regularly approached by people inquiring about what they can do to save their struggling business.  Some savvy businesses recognize their need for an online presence. We tell them to try our SEO Ventura online marketing campaign.

Obviously, our goal is to help businesses, unfortunately struggling businesses can be very difficult to help because many may be reluctant to invest in internet marketing.  

At we can make your business found online, but it takes work and costs money to do it.  Some business owners want us to cure their business - a seemingly invaluable service - for less than a few hundred dollars.  A business owner who is not willing to invest in internet marketing but will pay thousands on ineffective print ads is not thinking clearly or has fallen behind the times and doesn’t understand the internet’s marketing potential.  If - as a business owner - you’re priorities are so misaligned that you can’t comprehend the potential internet marketing return-on-investment, but hope that some pie-in-the-sky print ad will bring business in, then it might not be possible to save your business.  In many instances of struggling businesses the root of the problem can be traced back to the owner.  

We have seen businesses invest $2000 on one-page, one-day, print ads in local publications that didn’t generate any additional business.  Its not surprising since very few people read printed publications currently.  Spending that $2,000 - or even a portion of it - on internet marketing is a much better investment.  In fact, its a complete no-brainer.  Print-ads are extremely ineffective and expensive.  If you do buy a $2,000 one day advertisement then the publication is probably in the trash the next day - and if the right person didn’t view the advertisement on that exact day and then obviously spend thousands of dollars on your product or services then you will lose money on the deal.  Obviously, print ads can be a shot-in-the-dark.  Internet marketing is a long-lasting investment that has a great chance of success because it targets people who are already interested in what your business offers.

Some business owners are short-sighted and instead of thinking of the large revenue increase they potentially will receive long-term, they focus on the comparatively small amount of money they will have to part with on a short-term basis.  Placing greater importance on short-term rather than long-term is never a wise business maneuver.  It is remarkable how unwilling some people are to invest in their source of money.  Everybody has heard the phrase “It takes money to make money”.  It’s true, and your business is probably no exception.  There is no magic bullet which will fix your business for a one-time fee of a few hundred dollars.  

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I am personally baffled when somebody is essentially presented with two options:  briefly have slightly more money now (due to not investing) and much less later, or briefly have slightly less money now and much more later (as a result of the investment).  Unbelievably, most people choose to have much less money later so they can have a tiny bit more now.  It begs the question did they wait too long to attempt to save their business?  Are they only a month or two away from closing permanently and is this what is making them so short sighted?  Its tough to see people in desperate situations, but when you aren’t doing the right things to promote then you have no right to complain about how much money you don’t have.  Your business’ failure may be the result of your failure to act.  The best action is to pursue internet marketing and avoid print ads.

Einstein is rumoured to have once said “Only an idiot continues to do the same thing and expects different results”.  Others are of the opinion that this is the definition of insanity.  Another definition of insanity is “Extreme foolishness or irrationality”.  Disregarding internet marketing is certainly all of those things.  I see many businesses continue to employ the same obsolete methods of advertising which don’t work the same as they did 10 years ago, such as print ads, phone books, radio etc all just hoping that something changes for them eventually.  Most businesses owners must be insane because this is what they are doing - acting extremely irrationally.  

Some people don’t observe patterns.  If you have tried something 20 times and it never works, it probably won’t work the 21st time either.  It is also somewhat insulting when a business refuses to invest the same $2000 budget for that one-day, one-time only, print-ad that nobody will see in online marketing campaigns instead.  They have the budget set aside for marketing, but they are using it in the wrong way.  I feel bad for these businesses because they are wasting their money on ineffective advertising.  I see shopping centers and malls with parking lots completely full - people are obviously shopping and buying goods.  The consumers are out there - and if they know you exist they will eventually visit you when they need the product, good, or service you offer.  Use the internet to let them know.

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