Social Media Marketing
Audience focused social management

We work to build manicured social assets that are an extension of your core business, and engages your audience in a popular environment.

Social Media Marketing Agency In Ventura CA

Social media marketing is a service and marketing endeavor that nearly every business wants to participate in.

Important considerations about social marketing

There are endless companies offering social media marketing, but we feel that most of their services fall short for several reasons. Too many social marketers try to shoehorn every company and client into the same strategy, completely ignoring the nature of the client’s business, their company culture, and whether their business naturally fits into a certain social media platform.

Our social media marketing

We believe in honestly assessing your business, examining what kind of social channels and social marketing work is practical and will realistically generate an ROI, and then focusing our social marketing service specifically on the channels that are best suited to your business. Depending on your business, the best strategy for you may be targeted Facebook Ads, LinkedIn CPC / CPM / CPS, Instagram sponsored images, or YouTube sponsored content. While this strategy sounds logical, this is not implemented by most social marketers. If we don’t think your local plumbing service is a good candidate for building a manicured Tumblr channel, we’ll tell you honestly.

Social media content and marketing coordination

Just as important as choosing the right channel is developing an effective offer, an intelligently designed landing page, establishing an effective tracking strategy, and coordinating this social media marketing activity with your other digital marketing efforts, your sales team, and company leadership. We’ll make sure your social marketing is genuine asset that adds measurable value to your business while accurately representing your company.