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Location based search

Help customers who are searching for services you provide in your local area to discover and contact your business.

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Local SEO optimizes your business’ website to rank in Google Search results when users search for the service you provide near your location or service area. If your company serves a local area, then a local seo strategy can help you attract local clients and customers.

Local SEO high points

Targeting location specific search engine results

When users specify a location in their search query, Google will produce a specific collection of links, content, and listings from local businesses and resources. Consistently ranking, displaying, and impressing your website, business listings, social channels, or other digital assets, in these featured areas is a powerful way to funnel new prospects to your website and generate revenue selling to your local market.

Targeting searches for your service in your location

If you need people online searching in your local area for the services or experiences your provide to be aware of your business, a local SEO strategy is a must-have. There’s a massive amount of research done by numerous sources which has found that nearly all purchases begin with an online search. An increasing amount of users are experienced with using online searches to locate the information they’re looking for. Users are finding that by making their queries as specific as possible, they’re able to receive higher quality search results and find the information they’re searching for faster and easier. If you’re a business in *your city’s name*, and your website doesn’t show up regularly to users who search for “(your service) in *your city’s name”, then you’re not receiving most of the new clients or customers available to you.

How local SEO is different than broad SEO

If you’re searching for a local service in *your city*, but you simply query the service you need without specifying *your city* in the search, then the search results will be unpredictable. You may see some local results or Google Maps results related to your search, but you may also receive a mixed bag of Google shopping, large national companies not in *your city*, news articles, videos, and more.

Performing local SEO on your website does several things

First, for search queries done by users who don’t specify *your city* in their search, it helps your site show up among the mixed bag results more often. Second, and more importantly, for search queries which specify *your city* as part of the query, it helps your website show up among the top organic search engine results, and in local listings. Search engines use very complex methods for generating results. Small changes in phrasing or wording can completely change the implied meaning of the query, and therefore different queries can trigger very different sets of results. Local SEO is strictly concerned with those searches which specify a location. Local listings and useful applications like Google Maps are used in conjunction with Content Building to send all the right signals to Google so your business shows up when people search for your services near your location.

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