HTML Colors, Website Fonts

by The Final Code

Using the Site Style feature you can easily configure all html colors and website fonts that will appear on your site.  Every text color, highlight color, background color, border color, box color, menu color, etc. can be adjusted to any color you want.  In total, you can arrange over 150 simultaneous colors, and using the color palette any shade of any color can be implemented, so the possibilities are immense.

Total Control comes preloaded with around a dozen fonts - although using Google fonts you are able to import any Google font as well.  Fonts can be manually adjusted on each webpage or they can be globally changed.  Using the Site Style feature you can change all heading fonts, all page content fonts, and all form element fonts, globally by selecting the fonts from drop-down menus.  This saves a lot of time compared to manual changes on individual pages.

Total Control contains all of the web tools a developer, graphic desginer, or business owner may need to complete any project.  CLICK HERE to discover all of Total Control's features.