Bulk Email Send

by The Final Code

Using the “Bulk Email Send” feature - once you have created a bulk email template - you can configure a customized mailing list to send the bulk email to.  You can search your Customer or E-Club database to create a mailing list.  Comprehensive searches can be done for parameters including name, address, phone number, customer number, E-Club opt-ins or reminder dates, and also for specific purchases.

The bulk email send has a variety of potential applications.  You can email customers who have purchased a specific item promoting a related product, or just thank them for their purchase and follow up with a satisfaction survey.

You are able to create and save as many mailing lists as you want.  As stated, you can search for customers by any parameter.  When a customer is located you can add them to a mailing list.

Use the mailing list to share special offers or sales with customers - you can specify customers who have recently purchased items, or have purchased specific items.

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