SEO tools, Meta generator

by The Final Code

When constructing a web page using Total Control adding search engine meta-information is simple.  The page builder interface contains a Blue Box which acts like a meta information generator and makes optimizing each page for search engine placement very easy.  Creating search engine friendly page titles, page descriptions, and keywords is as easy as typing an email - each meta function has a corresponding space in the Blue Box in which the site administrator can type the information.  The site administrator can also give the page a page handle which will serve as the URL path name.  A built-in “no index” function is included as a box which can be checked indicating whether or not to allow search engines to index this web page - this saves a lot of time compared to having to code this function into the header code of a web page.  A page can be published or unpublished at any time by selecting either option from a drop down menu in the Blue Box.  Additional page security can be added using the SSL/TSL option or requirement function.

The SEO Blue Box makes adjusting SEO meta data on-the-fly quick and easy.  It is a great tool for experimenting with SEO techniques and is very useful for websites which are frequently updated.

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