Social Media Management

Social Media is a growing phenomenon that allows consumers to discover what’s popular, relevant, and credible. Social Media occurs on a variety of different platforms, and the concept is constantly evolving. Today, consumers’ mobile devices are hardly ever out of reach. They love to know what’s current and what’s going on, and social media grants consumers this much loved connection. This makes Social Media a natural platform for making meaningful connections and generating awareness about your brand.

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Growing Your Brand

When marketers implement Social Media campaigns they are marketing inside of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. Social Media marketing is a fantastic way to build strong relationships with your customers and it is a monumental business opportunity. A well-orchestrated social media campaign will drive traffic to your website and have a powerful impact on your business’ customer outreach, brand exposure, and broad online visibility. The benefits of social media marketing are numerous and well proven.

Multi-channel / Multi-media content marketing through social media

Utilizing a multi-channel and multi-media oriented approach will leverage social media outlets to help your target audience discover your content. Using multiple channels will authentically create a dynamic online business presence and allow your audience to find your business regardless of where they choose to locate the things they need. Each channel has a different user base and each channel can help to increase your business’ visibility, awareness, and online referrals in different ways. To ensure success of your social endeavor, be sure to develop and use a consistent tone across every platform that is used. Also, content should be relevant to what target audiences want to see or it will not show up on his or her newsfeed. When valuable and consistent content are delivered using these methods on social media the results are increased brand, product, and business awareness which grows naturally through sharing and word of mouth.

Social Media + Website

One of the downsides to social media marketing is the amount of time it takes for businesses to create and implement a viable social media campaign in a way that there is clear direction and measurable results. With continuous updates and changes to all the different social media platforms it can be hard for businesses to stay current on policies, procedures, and trends. 43% of small businesses spend 6 hours per week on social media. Another 25% spend 6-10 hours per week. This is why a lot of businesses turn to social media consultants to help them create, launch and maintain successful social media campaigns.

A mistake some people make is to think that having a presence on social media is a replacement for having a website. Social Media is easy and free, right? There is no surprise that this way of thinking is ineffective. The truth is that results from marketing on social media are more absolute when the ultimate goal is to drive traffic to your website.

Our Social Strategy

A successful social strategy comes from research and development of highly engaging and relevant content that is strategically planned and mapped out, sometimes weeks in advance.

Use us to help you create the content and graphics that are necessary in social media marketing to build meaningful relationships with your customers. Let us take care of the required research and development to turn concepts into successful copy that delivers clear and consistent messages across all your social media platforms. In addition to being one of the most experienced and well established firms in the area, The Final Code, has the passion to keep up with the ever changing social media landscape, and the talent for connecting with others.

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