Would a customer more likely believe in a pitch man or a trusted friend

by Administrator

A radical change has occurred in the world of advertising!

Customers are not listening anymore. . .

Interruptive advertising has seen its day!

Let’s face it… Would a customer more likely believe in a pitch man or a trusted friend when considering making a purchase? Consumers are rapidly turning away from listening to commercials and reading print ads. Most consumers simply turn the channel or change the station when a commercial comes on.

Word of mouth marketing is now more powerful than ever, where consumers are continuously embracing social media channels to get news, updates and offers from their favorite brands.   At The Final Code, we understand the power of social media and the impact of how it is fundamentally changing the way we communicate, as well as the urgency for businesses and product branding to have a successful social tool belt with which to make an impact online.

The Final Code has in-house social media team. Our digital agency is committed to creating strategic social media plans that are cohesive with your marketing and company branding efforts, and ultimately, help identify and cultivate lasting customers.

By building custom branded Facebook landing tabs and pages, YouTube channels and Twitter skins, our team will work with you to create polished, professional pages that are seamless with current marketing strategies, giving clients a leg up on the competition.  We also have the capability to build exciting custom Facebook and Mobile applications to support your social media campaigns and engage your audience.