Yellowbook websites are not a good idea

by Administrator

One of our customers built a website with Yellowbook who now has ownership of the domain name and will not release it.  Before building the website, the Yellowbook Rep assured the customer that if he ever wanted to build his own website they would release the domain name.  What he didn’t mention is that they would do anything possible to make this difficult.

When we spoke with Yellowbook they informed us that they would release the domain at the end of the current contract.  When speaking to them they informed us they would not release the domain name until 1 year after the website was published.  The rep claimed that the website was published at a later date so they would not release the domain name until one year from that date. According to the customer their website has been in operation for some time, so clearly their records are inaccurate or their “retention department” is making things up.

If you are considering building a website with Yellowbook look elsewhere.