Websites Are The Best Way To Market Your Business


Is Your Website Not a Priority?

Let me start with this simple fact: There are over 10 million Google searches every month in Ventura County alone.

What are these people searching for? Goods and services offered by local businesses. So here is the question:  Is your business getting found by all these consumers searching for your type of goods or services?

Local Ventura County businesses are suffering and the number one reason why, according to local business owners, is that the economy is bad.

Yes the economy is down, but people are still spending money.

The fact is, there would not be so many consumers shopping for specific goods or services online if they weren’t willing and able to spend money. As an Internet Marketing Firm, we are constantly researching how consumers shop online. For example, if you are a photographer, we would research how many consumers are searching for photographers in Ventura.

So maybe we research the search words “Photographers in Ventura”.  The results for how many consumers that use those specific words and variances of those words when seeking a photographer online are in the thousands every month!

So next step… Now we Google “Photographers in Ventura” and several photographers show on the first page of the Google search.  These are the photographers that have the best chance of capturing the thousands of online shoppers.

If your business has a website and you are not getting found on the first page of Google, then your business is allowing the online consumer to pass you by.

The “economy” for the business that does show up on the first page of Google or any other search engine is quite good indeed.

So maybe it’s not the “economy” and maybe its local businesses are being too “economical” when it comes to investing advertising dollars into their online presence?

If you are a local Ventura County business here a couple ideas that will turn your bad economy into a great one…

Determine how much money you are spending on outdated advertising campaigns.

Does your business still pay for a Yellow Page ads? They are very expensive and rarely does today shopper use the phone book to find what they are looking for. Most shoppers under 50 years of age use the internet to search for goods and services.

Does your business still pay for print ads? Print ads are hit and miss. Determine what your return on investment is for each campaign and consider the fact that you will never be able to determine how many people actually looked at you ad. If a print ad company could tell you how many people looked at your ad, how many were interested in your ad but haven’t called you yet, then you would be able to determine if the ad was worth running again. Obviously, nobody can tell you that they sent out a 1000 mailers and “x’ amount of those many people read your ad and “x” of people are interested but haven’t called you yet.

Internet Marketing is the avenue local businesses should place their marketing dollar. Let’s say for instance that you are getting ready to spend $500.00 on a big print ad that is going out to 50,000 people. Sure that’s good exposure, but that is a one-time shot. So if it works okay, you will be tempted to spend another $500 and by the end of the year you have spent quite a bit of money.

Now consider investing $1500.00 in a top notch website that is set-up so consumers can find your website on all the search engines.  Your business would now be exposed to thousands of consumers search  specifically for your type of goods or service. Plus a good website is equipped with a reporting tool that can tell you how many people look at your website and how long they stayed (which determines interest and they may call you).

Print ads are distributed to people who are not all looking for your goods or services. When a consumer goes online they  are searching for your type of goods or services.

Obviously, consumers that are specifically looking for what your business offers are a better prospect than those that aren’t.

A website that is set-up properly with search engine optimization will always bring your business a bigger pay day. A website will only be a one-time investment that will bring in big returns for the years to come. So, would you rather constantly throw money at hit and miss print ads or invest a one-time amount that exposes your business to consumers that are in the market for what your business offers?