Nursery E Commerce Web Design

by Administrator

Each client requires a different solution to their web-promotion problems.  In some instances the solution can be very similar to something that solved a problem for a previous client.  In other cases we develop an approach we haven’t necessarily used very often. A recent client of ours owns a nursery – growing and selling a variety of plants and flowers.  He has been running this business for over thirty years.  For a long time now he has been selling exclusively online.  He consulted with us about how to maximize his web traffic and therefore his sales.  We spend a lot of time researching various trends online and tendencies of people.  One particularly interesting tendency we have learned is that users are approximately 90% more likely to watch a video online than read an article.  For this reason, we encourage website owners to include as many videos as possible.

Most people are familiar with the very popular website (which is owned by the world’s largest search engine company Google) is actually the second largest search engine in the world.  Many of you have probably noticed that when using a search engine often several video thumbnails will be displayed as results in addition to links to web-pages.  Search engines such as Google will search YouTube videos descriptions, titles, and tags for search terms.  Having videos online increases a company’s traction because they are content that search engines can locate in addition to your website.  We encouraged this client to record as many videos as possible and to create a YouTube channel to publish them.  This particular client receives a large amount of his web traffic from people finding his YouTube videos and then following a link from his YouTube channel to his nursery’s website where he sells his flowers and plants.  He has over 55 videos on his YouTube channel – this gives him a very large footprint for search engines to find.  Of course, we also strategically search engine optimized his site so that people searching for any of his specific products would find his site and be encouraged to purchase them.

Amazingly, since switching to “Total Control” this client’s sales have risen by 400 percent!  He is very satisfied with our service.  In fact, he called us just yesterday to let us know how well everything is going.  I spoke with him personally and he expressed to me how he couldn’t be happier with “Total Control”.  He is shipping his plants and flowers all over the world because so many people are finding his site.  In this client’s case videos were a very effective solution to his traffic issues.

Written by: James Nisky