Admin Search and Edit

by The Final Code

The Total Control development team is happy to announce the release of our next software upgrade. As always, our current customers will receive this update for free, automatically with no down time. So without further ado allow us to introduce Admin Search and Edit.

With Total Control CMS, adding new content pieces to your website is so easy, many of our clients quickly find themselves with hundreds of ineractive webpages in a few months. We understand that URLs and page titles can get a little confusing when you are trying to scan over a huge list. That's why we put in our admin search tool. Next time you login to your Total Control CMS, you will be greated by a handy little search bar on the top right corner of your TC admin section.

And using the tool couldn't be easier. Simply type a word or phrase describing the content you are looking to edit and you will be directed to a search page, just like any other search page, with a list of the content that matches your search term. Then, click on the link to the content you were looking for and edit away! We are always trying to make our content management system easier to use, we hope this helps reduce the scrolling time you for all you mega site owners. Even if your site is small, searching for content is an incredibly efficient way to edit your site.