PayPal payment processing, Accept PayPal payments

by The Final Code

Total Control is equipped to handle PayPal payments processing easily and securely.  If you have an online store then PayPal is a great payment method that’s preferred by many online shoppers. Although we also support credit card payments it is important to make the PayPal option available to your customers because so many people prefer to pay with PayPal due to its buyer-protection, excellent customer service, and easy of use.  For these reasons PayPal is becoming the most popular form of online payment.

PayPal also allows you to easily transfer funds to other PayPal users so that wiring methods can be avoided.  There are small fees associated with PayPal transactions but they are well worth it for the convenience, security, and protection that PayPal provides.  Many shoppers will insist on paying with PayPal when purchasing online, typically because of the buyer protection that PayPal offers.  When a customer pays with PayPal they are guaranteed to receive their purchase as intended and if there are any issues then PayPal will refund the purchaser’s funds and then deal with the merchant so the purchaser doesn’t have to.  This process is much easier for the customer than attempting to deal with credit card chargebacks.  Having the PayPal payment method available opens up your customer base to people who will insist on paying with PayPal.  After a successful PayPal transaction, funds can be easily transferred to your bank account free of charge and then be withdrawn by you or your company.

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