Tips for choosing a website developer

by Administrator

As a decision maker for your business, there is a massive amount of information for you to digest when considering hiring a website developer to build your website and launch a successful online campaign. Your web developer should make it easy to do business with them, but still sometimes choosing one can be overwhelming for a client. Here are some tips to prepare you for a productive consultation, and preliminary questions you should ask your web developer in order to make an informed hiring decision.

Tip #1 - Have a detailed discussion about the project at the initial meeting.

Tip #2 - Have a specific agenda on what will be covered emailed to you prior to the consultation.

Tip #3 -  Start and end your consultation on time.

Tip #4 -  Ask “What are your payment terms?”

Tip #5 - Ask when the project will be started.

Tip #6 - Ask when the project will be completed.

Tip #7 - Ask what materials will the web developer need from you, and by when. Graphics, images, content, industry information, current marketing materials?

Tip #8 - Ask how results will be measured.

Tip #9 - Be aware who will write your content.

Tip #10 - Ask “Will I need to attend interviews?”

Tip #11 - Ask if the web developer will be available for support questions and what is his or her preferred method of communication.

Tip #12 - Be aware if the web developer will be building the website in house or outsourcing to third party software (which is way more common than people think.)

Tip #13 - Find out about any ongoing fees associated with maintaining the website.

Tip #14 - Ask “Is the website search engine optimized?”

Tip #15 - Determine if you will need an email blast tool (you should), and if the website is capable of including one.

Tip #16 -  Ask “Does the website include a blogging tool?”

Tip #17 - Ask “Is the website linked to my social media accounts?”

Tip #18 -  Ask “Am I able to modify my own content at my discretion without incurring fees?”

Tip # 19 - Ask “How many rewrites/ redesigns are included?”

Tip # 20 - Ask “Why should I hire you to create my website?”

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