DUI Attorney Web Design Case Study

DUI Attorney and DUI Lawyer Web Design

An interesting case for us was an attorney whom we consulted with fairly recently.  Desperate to get her site found by search engines for DUI attorney searches, she was paying a search engine optimization company $700 per month to be listed modestly in search engine results and have backlinks created (which later we found out we links to Russian porn sites). She would search for attorneys in Google to determine how well her site placed in the results, and she began to notice that most of the top sites being indexed were built by TheFinalCode.com!  So she decided to contact us to ask how we were able to get our sites placed so highly.

After consulting with her and explaining that our proprietary software is specifically designed to return amazing Google search results we set her up with our “Total Control” Content Management System.  Her project was a very easy process.  We replicated her existing site in our “Total Control” web application and then dropped in the appropriate Google search terms.  After carefully choosing search terms for her site it quickly appeared at the top of Google search results for attorneys in Ventura – something she wasn’t achieving with her $700 per month search engine optimization company.  Much to her satisfaction, within one week she had been hired to handle two new fraud cases.

Of course in addition to receiving the desired level of search results she is now able to manage her site personally which allows her to analyze which terms people are searching for to find her site.  Knowing which terms lead people to her site and which terms do not allows her to adjust her search terms accordingly to maximize search results which generates more traffic to her site and increased business.

This client’s case serves as a good example of how a person should not assume that because they are paying a large sum of money for search engine results that they are necessarily receiving the best possible results or a good value.  With “Total Control” we make sure you receive the best possible results with a modest initial investment and low monthly fees.  “Total Control” represents a tremendous value in Content Management Systems.