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Get A Ventura County Now Online Business Listing and Get Found On Google!

Recently we contacted Robert Eyberg of Eyberg Stained Glass about enhancing his Ventura County Now listing. Mr.Eyberg didn't have a website and he knew he needed to launch a Internet marketing campaign but didn't know where to start. 

So Robert decided to attend a FREE workshop to get educated on how to get customers from the Internet. During the workshop Robert learned that thousands of people were seacrhing online for his type of service. He learned about how to apply correct keywords to a website so search engines could display his website to potential customers. After the workshop Robert opted to enhance his Ventura County Now and within weeks his listing was on the first page of Google!


Eyberg's Ventura County Now Enhanced Listing Google Search Results

Now Robert has taken it a step further by investing in a website from The Final Code and his business has now even more exposure to the thousands of potential customers searching online for goods and services,

Recently Robert visited us at our downtown Ventura offices and recounted the time when he first got a phone call from our staff. He told us he gets tons of calls from companies claiming to be able to get his business fouind on Google. He said the companies that call him were from out of state or even out of the country so he just hung up on them. He also said he was glad we called him and that he didn't hang up on us! Mr. Eyberg told us he was very happy that he could finally deal with a company that was local and eager to help him get more customers.

Our staff is here to help local Ventura County businesses. We are here to make Internet Marketing easy to understand and more importantly profitable by bringing more customers to our clients. Our services are ridiculously affordable and incredibly effective.

Check out Mr. Eyberg's new website at  

So where do you start to get more customers from the Internet? Call us to schedule your FREE Internet Marketing Workshop today and stop letting customers pass you by!