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Ventura County Now, sponsored by The Final Code, welcomes A Bar Stool, Dinette, and Kitchen to our online business directory! A Bar Stool, Dinette and Kitchen Furniture is a local Ventura County Business located at 2358 E. Main Street in Ventura that offers a great selection of furniture for your home, office or restaurant at very good prices. Owner, Santa Cruz, knew he needed to start marketing online and the only thing that was stopping him was the money needed to invest in a campaign.

Online marketing is the most effective way to advertise your business as hardly anyone uses the phone book anymore. Most all consumers shop online to find a business that offers what they are looking for. As a matter of fact, if a business doesn’t have a website or any online presence, they will most likely get passed by.

Ventura County Now offers something very unique. We offer a way for you to get great online exposure for your business for FREE! Over the years we have built a directory listing thousands of local business and showcase them to online shoppers. Thousands of local consumers searching online for goods and service utilize our directory because our directory makes it easy to find what they are looking for.  A consumer can find any type of business in our directory in every city in Ventura County all in one place online.

Santa Cruz saw the value in Ventura County Now and chose to upgrade to a Premium Listing which will give him even more exposure to consumers. A Ventura County Now Premium Listing showcases a business with an in-depth company description, displays promotional offers, pictures, includes website links, FaceBook Posts, search engine optimization specifically for each listing, and more all for under $10 bucks a month! Where else can you get your business in front of over 100,000 potential customers online each year for under $100 bucks? In addition, all Premium Listings get FREE Internet Marketing Workshops hosted by our sponsor company, The Final Code, the premiere, local, Internet Marketing and Production Firm in all of Ventura County! These workshops unveil the secrets of Internet marketing for the local business owner so that they can compete online and win!

We at Ventura County Now believe in locals helping locals. That is why we offer so much for so little. Stop by our offices located at 1068 E. Main Street in Ventura or call us at 805-243-8321 and let us help you bring in more customers from the world of the Internet. With over 10 million Google searches each month in Ventura County alone isn’t it time to get has much exposure as possible?