Sportsfishing Company Internet Marketing and Website Design Firm

by The Final Code

Choosing to build and host your website has several benefits besides our fantastic search engine optimization services.  An appropriate example is a sports fishing business located in Ventura County.

This particular client actually discovered our services through Facebook.  We posted information on Facebook advertising the ability of users to edit, update, and manage every aspect of their website using our wonderful Content Management System called “Total Control”.  This client was not satisfied with their situation at the time because they wanted to update their site frequently with new images and information, but this required paying a programmer an expensive hourly-rate even for very simple tasks.

We advised this client that using “Total Control” is ideal for users who need to execute frequent updates and changes.  Our Content Management System is appropriately named because it gives users “Total Control” over their site.  Although it is simple and intuitive we still offer training in-person and online because we want to ensure our clients understand all of our software’s capabilities.

This sports fishing site was receiving decent levels of traffic previously, but after we rebuilt the site using “Total Control” they began recording over 15,000 unique visitors each month and subsequently their business achieved its highest level of success in over seven years.  This client diligently updates their site with the latest information.  Providing updates increases the number of ways a site can be found by Google and other search engines.  Individual pages were created for each fishing boat that they own, for the various type of fish that they catch, information for fishing seasons, and a page sharing tips, resulting in more potential landing pages.  A landing page is a single web page that appears in response to clicking on a search result, so a site with many landing pages has a greater chance of being found by search engines.

This client greatly benefitted from being able to self-edit their site using “Total Control”.  It is a necessity for any person or business who requires frequent updating and regular changes to their site’s content.  This client has been so pleased with their experience using “Total Control” they have requested that we develop reservation software that will allow for online booking of whale watching and fishing trips.

Written by: James Nisky