Website Design for Attorney and Lawyers

by The Final Code

A fine example of how significantly our services can benefit a business is our recent assistance of a Ventura County law firm that has been in business for over thirty-five years.  This firm was originally two separate firms each containing two attorneys.  Some time ago they merged together to form one firm deciding they would achieve greater success as one larger group.

As a group, they were fairly reluctant to seriously pursue search engine results as a significant source of business.  An online Yellow Pages site had been put in place on their behalf, but it was not attracting new clients towards their practice.  The firm was becoming frustrated because less experienced attorney’s were receiving more clients.

One of this firm’s areas of expertise is DUI defense cases.  After conducting some research, we learned that defending DUI cases is a very competitive field among attorneys.  Some firms, in an effort to attract as many clients as possible, pay Google to place their site very high in its search engine results.  The price of such placement is approximately fifty-dollars per click.  Therefore each time the link to their site is clicked on after being returned as a search engine result the firm has to pay Google approximately fifty-dollars.  Fortunately there is a better way for your business to be found online.

We consulted with the firm in question and determined that they were particularly interested in increasing the amount of DUI cases they receive.  Our recommendation to them was the most effective way to receive greater search engine results and therefore more DUI cases would be to construct a dedicated DUI defense services website.  Doing this would allow for the most effective search engine results – any person searching for a DUI attorney in Ventura would logically find their firm’s website. After launching the site the firm experienced highly increased case loads and new clients seeking their services.  We were able to construct the site in such an efficient manner that - when an organic search is done for Ventura DUI - their DUI site appears as the number one site on Google without the firm needing to pay per click.  The small investment required to build a site such as theirs results in large long-term servings compared to the pay-per-click method.

Written by: James Nisky