Create dynamic website

by The Final Code

Using the “Recent Updates” feature you can share with site users the most recent changes, updates, or modifications to your website allowing you to create a truly dynamic website.  This can be useful if your website has many regular users who check back often for updates, or if your website is very large and contains so much information that it would be difficult for site users to explore the entire site to search for new content.

When you add a new page or update an existing page, create a new blog, add new items to your store, add images to or edit image galleries, you can “Announce” the updates.  Announcing the updates will add the changes to the updates resource.

Recent Updates can be displayed anywhere on your website.  You can completely customize which updates are displayed - you can choose to display any combination of Page updates, Blog updates, Store updates, and Image Gallery updates, or any combination.  You can also choose how many updates of each kind are displayed.

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