New Access Levels feature for Total Control web CMS

by The Final Code

Our Total Control web content management system employs an “Access Levels” tool.  ‘Access Levels’ is a new "Total Control" feature from which gives you the capability to customize entry permissions on different levels for website users.  It is easy to navigate, a no- fuss process to set up, and allows you to choose from four separate Access Levels.  These Access Levels are useful for many applications including Online Courses, Online Forums, and Fan Clubs.

Access Levels allow the site administrator to restrict individual page access to specific users.  These Access Levels are useful for several purposes and have many possible applications.

For example, if a website offers online courses then a course page can restrict access to users who have purchased a specific product using the “Purchased / Access Granted Required” access level.  A course can be set as a product to be purchased - and only after purchasing the product can the course page be accessed by the user.

If page access needs to be blocked to all users - perhaps because it is under construction - then the access level to that page can be set to “Blocked to All”.

If you want to set particular pages to be viewable only by registered site users then you can set the access levels for those pages to “Access to any logged-in user”.  This will require users to register with your website and then be actively logged-in to view any pages set with this access level.  This can be useful for creating “members only” areas of websites that don’t require purchases for access.  This access level also allows your logged in users to receive customized 404-error pages - so that if a user attempts to view a page that is for some reason no longer available then they will receive a personalized page that explains the page is not available instead of a generic error page.  The custom error page can be created using the Page Builder feature.

The Public Access Open access level permits any site visitor to access pages with this access level set.  Also, if a page is currently set with an access level and you want to remove the access level then the page can be set to Public Access Open and any previously applied access level will be removed or overridden.

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