Website software

by The Final Code

The Total Control website software “Content Update” feature is an easy way to let site users easily see any new content or updates added to the website.  In any section of any webpage you can insert an “Updates” module which displays recent updates to the website.  This can be especially useful for very large websites in which there is such a large amount of content that returning site visitors can’t peruse the entire site easily to search for new information.

Whenever you create or edit a page, blog, store item, galleries, or gallery sets you can “Announce” the page, blog, or gallery.  Announcing adds the changes to the Updates resource.  When you Announce you can add a description to the announcement, such as “Added Grand Canyon images to ‘Landscapes Gallery’”.  This description will appear in the Updates module of the website for easy viewing by site visitors.

You can choose the way the Updates are displayed to site users.  You can configure which updates are displayed by configuring any combination of Pages, Blogs, Store Items, Gallery Sets, or Galleries.  Choose which type of updates to include or which to omit.  You can choose to display all updates of the selected type, or limit the displayed updates to a specific number.  For example, if you select to display Pages and Blogs, and then select “Show only the most recent [3] of this type” then the 3 most recent Pages and Blogs updates will be displayed in the Updates section.  

Of course, you can create as many update sections as you want.  So you can create separate sections which display different update types with different amounts of updates.  Any combination is possible.  The only limitation is that if you choose to display Page updates and Blog updates (for example) in the same section, and you want to display a certain number of the most recent updates of each kind the number will have to be the same for both update types.  You won’t be able to show 3 Blog updates but 7 Page updates in the same section - to do this you will need to put Blog updates and Page updates in separate sections.

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