Web site builder, web page builder, HTML Generator

by The Final Code

The Page Builder is the primary feature of the Total Control web application - it is effectively a web site builder, a web page builder, and an html generator.  Using the Page Builder you can easily and quickly create web pages without HTML coding.  Pages can contain any combination of text, images, video, graphics, digital art, and downloadable files. 

Pages are built-out in vertical “sections” and each section can be divided into as many as three horizontal columns.  When a section is added you can select single, double, or triple to determine the horizontal sections.  Sections can be expanded or reduced after creating them, so you aren’t locked into any set format.

Each individual page section contains 8 general tabs - HTML, Blog, Gallery, Store, EClub, MOTD, GoogleMap, and Updates.  Each section defaults in the HTML tab.  For each individual section you can select one tab, selecting a tab orients the corresponding function in the page section.

The HTML tab is usually the most frequently used.  This is the tab used to type text for display on the website.  The HTML tab behaves very similar to a microsoft word document, and features familiar icons such as text formatting options.  The HTML tab is also used to insert images, video, and digital art files.  HTML code can be inserted directly in this area, or the “Edit HTML Source” subfunction can be used for HTML.

Selecting the Blog tab inserts blogs into the page section.  You can easily configure which types of blogs are displayed and there are several display options.  

Selecting the Gallery tab allows you to display image galleries in the page section.  Galleries display styles can be easily adjusted and there are a variety of options.

Selecting the Store tab will display Store items in the page section.  You can choose to display the entire store, or specific departments, and choose how many products to display.  You can also easily configure how the items are displayed.

The E-Club tab will display the E-Club signup form in the website section.  The E-Club allows you to collect site users email addresses, and other information.  The E-Club allows users to create user accounts for your website.  This makes it possible to utilize other features such as Access Levels.

The MOTD (Message of the Day) tab inserts a Message of the Day into the website section.  This website section will rotate either daily or randomly.  Messages can contain any information the HTML sections can contain, and will display either on specific dates which you designate, or randomly if no message is assigned to the current date.  Since messages can contain anything the HTML tab can contain, it is effectively a “website section-of-the-day”.

The Google Map tab inserts a Google Map into the website section.  Typically, a business will insert their address or coordinates and a Google Map of their business location is generated and displayed in this section.

The Updates tab displays recent site updates in the website section.  You can thoroughly configure which type of updates are displayed and how many updates are displayed.

Pages can be named with ease, and SEO friendly Page Title, Descriptions, and Keywords can be entered.  When the page is published, this information is coded for optimal search engine recognition and indexing which translates into increased SERP for Total Control websites.  Unique page handles which appear in the URL of the page can be easily added, this is great for intuitive navigation and also can have SERP benefits by incorporating keywords into the URL / page handle.

Total Control contains all of the web tools a developer, graphic desginer, or business owner may need to complete any project.  CLICK HERE to discover all of Total Control's features.