Rotating web pages

by The Final Code

The “Message of the Day” is a useful feature that allows you to create a web page section that rotates.  This website “section” will rotate daily, randomly, or be set to display on specific dates.  You can create as many Messages as you want.

You arrange for the Message of the Day to be displayed in a particular section of a webpage, and then that section rotates daily or randomly.  The great thing about the Message of the Day is that it can contain anything that can be placed in any other part of the website - it is just like any other website section except that it changes daily or randomly.  The message can contain any combination of text, images, and video.  These messages can be set to appear anywhere on your website.  Build a message anyway you want, and then choose when to display it. 

If a message is set to display on a specific date then it will display on that date and then never again until another date is selected.  Only one date can be selected at a time.  On the random setting a message will be randomly selected to appear, rotating each time that page is visited - two different site users may receive different messages.  Multiple messages can be displayed in separate page sections on the same page - so there are many possibilities and combinations to experiment with.

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