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by The Final Code

The “Stats” tool is one of Total Control’s most important features.  Total Control provides very comprehensive web analytics.

At a glance, within the CMS interface you can quickly review monthly or yearly totals such as unique visitors, total visits, and page views.  Stats can be provided in great detail, daily visitors and individual page views can be tracked - you can also see which pages users enter your site on and from which pages they leave.  You can keep track of how much traffic is received on certain days of the week, hours of the day, and from which countries.

You can track user’s site visit duration to determine how long users are visiting the site for.  You can also track which file types users are viewing, which files users are downloading, and how much traffic each individual URL receives.

Some administrators may want to review which web browsers or operating systems site users are using, this can easily be reviewed in the statistics program.  This will also provide insight to how many users are viewing the site on mobile devices.  

One of the most useful aspects of the Stats feature is the “Referrers” function.  This provides great insight into how traffic is arriving at your site.  You can see exactly which search engines are referring traffic to your site, how many users they are referring, and also track which websites are linking users to your site.

You can track which search engine keywords and keyphrases users are querying to find your site. This is a very useful tool for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes.  If you are targeting specific keywords, or want users to find your site using specific keyphrases, then this will allow you to determine if users are finding you using these terms.  Whenever a user does a search and clicks on your site in the results the search terms that they queried are recorded in the “Search” portion of the “Referrers” area.  This allows you to see how your site is performing for each search term easily at-a-glance.

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