301 URL Redirect, automatic URL redirect

by The Final Code

Total Control contains a URL Redirect manager feature.  This feature creates an automatic 301 Redirect for specified pages.  This feature is useful for a variety of situations.


If you change a web page URL from example.com/bear to example.com/wolf and another website has a link pointing towards example.com/bear then if a user clicks the link example.com/bear they will receive a 404-error Page Not Found.  This situation can be avoided using the URL Redirect feature.  In Total Control, using the URL Redirect manager you can create automatic 301 URL Redirects with ease.  Just insert the source URL, and the new destination URL, then all traffic heading towards the source URL will automatically be redirected to the new destination URL.  By doing this, you will never lose any existing links pointing towards your website.  This will also allow you to retain any search engine traction that the source URL has accumulated.  By using this tool you don’t need to keep old pages only to avoid losing links or search engine placement.  


This tool can also be valuable in avoiding on-site navigational errors, especially for website making frequent updates and creating new pages regularly.  In some instances, rather than reworking navigation menus each time a new page is created URL Redirects are a quick and easy to way to plug pages into the appropriate place.


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