Ventura Internet Marketing, Santa Barbara - Holiday Spending Top 5 List


Another holiday season has arrived.  Many business will find themselves wishing they could reap the benefits of increased spending during the holidays.  How many years have you missed the ship?  As a successful Web Design, Web Development, and SEO firm we’ve heard every excuse imaginable for why people can’t take action in growing their company.  We've compiled the top 5 reasons that your company can't get in on the holiday spending action.

1. You don't understand the internet.  The web has always been a difficult frontier to explore.  In the 1950's, the USA and USSR were in competition to occupy and conquer space.  Neither nation had an advanced understanding of rocket science at the time, so they both hired the best German engineers available who were previously involved with ballistics.  As a result, both countries reached their goals.  

Lesson:  Hire somebody who does understand.  There are professionals like us who specialize in internet marketing, seek them out.

2. Your competitors are already established and you'll never be able to compete with them.   Your successful competitors were once in your position.  The USSR launched the first satellite, then the first space flight, then the first manned space flight.  Instead of feeling bad for themselves, the USA became determined and invested time, money, and man-power to match the USSR.  The result was that they ultimately became the only country to land on the moon - a much greater overall feat.  

Lesson:  Become determined - invest the required time, money, and effort into eventually outdoing your competitors and put yourself in a position they didn't imagine possible.  Set-up your marketing consultant for success by giving them the budget required to meet your goals.

3. You've tried, but it never works.  The USA had to build at least ten different rockets unsuccessfully before they figured out how to build one that could be launched into space without exploding.  Instead of becoming discouraged or giving up, they tried different ideas and new approaches until they discovered one that worked.  The doors were opened to a greater level of technology and sophistication - their persistence paid off.  

Lesson:  Things don't always come easy or work out the first time.  Adjust your strategy to achieve the results you want.  Consult an expert marketer such as Our Company to discuss your options.

4. You haven't tried because you're afraid it won't work.  The worst thing that can happen is nothing, which might be what is happening for you now.  US astronauts expressed fear of death during spaceflight, but it was important to the country to accomplish what seemed like an impossible feat, so they braved the unknown.  Eventually some men did die during testing for a moon mission.  The problems were identified and fixed, as a result the next crew was more confident in success than ever before.  Because of the commitment to the success of the project its goals were met and exceeded far beyond expectation.  

Lesson:  Don't allow a fear of failure to cripple you from allowing your business to thrive the way you know it can.  

5. You think online marketing and/or E-Commerce doesn't work.  In the 1950's - even among those actually researching the technology - people who believed manned spaceflight was impossible outnumbered those who understood it was possible with the right people and existing technology.  Even professional test pilots were sure that anybody attempting space flight would die.  Once men successfully flew in space those same skeptical pilots expressed remorse after having declined the opportunity to serve as astronauts.  

Lesson:  Don't set yourself up for regrets because you were unwilling to give something with potentially huge benefits a chance.  Research the massive benefits associated with Internet Marketing and E-Commerce.  Educate yourself concerning people's spending habits and how they are affected by the internet.

This season - and in general - you can choose to make money or make excuses.  The money is out there to be made - but you need to make your business available to the world.  NASA had a motto in the ‘50s and ‘60s - “No bucks, no buck rogers”.  To land on the moon, at one point NASA had over 2 million people working to accomplish its goal.  Making your business available will require an investment - defer to people with experience to help you meet your goals.  The best connection your business has to the world is the internet.  Contact an experienced Internet Marketer and see what needs to be done to make your business available to shoppers.  Don't be shy about self-promotion, if you don't promote your business then nobody else is going to do it for you.  To the Moon!

Contact Us to develop a plan to get ahead of your competition.  With over 20 years of experience consulting with a wide range of clients, from Fortune 500 companies to local small companies and sole proprietorships, we are the most well established firm of our kind in the Ventura and Santa Barbara County area.  Contact us now for a free consultation.