Multi service area SEO Services


As an SEO and online consultant we interact with a very diverse range of clients - this keeps things interesting but also presents a challenge because most clients requires a unique, customized SEO solution.

SEO can be a very difficult undertaking.  The more competitive or crowded a market segment or industry is, the more difficult achieving great results usually is.  Because of this, it is extremely gratifying to be able to exceed the expectations of a client in this type of situation.

Without disclosing the confidential details of our clients, we do enjoy sharing the good news anytime we are able to help a company expand, grow, and head in the right direction.  We are especially enthusiastic when that company is located in what is perhaps the most competitive area in the United States - Los Angeles!  SEO in an area such as Los Angeles is extremely challenging because of the dense population - there is a huge amount of businesses and many of them want that elusive number one search engine ranking.

This particular client is running a parking lot sweeping service located primarily in south Los Angeles County and north Orange County.  If you've ever visited this area you'll know there are a lot of people and a lot of parking lots!  Clearly, topping the search engine rankings in this area for this type of service can be very lucrative.

Since we are located in Ventura - about 100 miles north of our client - we communicated by phone and email to complete this project.  This client has been in operation for over 40 years and is not web savvy, but he recognized a need to make a change.  Of course, it's never too late to redo your website and revamp your company!

He needed a new website with more information about his services - and it needed to be appropriately search engine optimized (SEO).  The content and information that helped him reach the top of the search engine rankings mostly came from the client.  We asked him to talk about his company and we helped him to create SEO friendly page titles and descriptions.  We helped him to organize all the information in a way that would receive search engine traction.  Combining this with our web application gave his website first page and number one Google rankings quickly for many terms he was targeting.  In this case, the solution was to simply present a significant amount of high quality content which was relevant to the services - and then to optimize the website in a way that let search engines recognize the content.  If you build it they will come.  We built the site the right way and the customers came to our client.

He has now expanded the reach of his company to the greater Southern California area and his company is growing at a faster rate than ever before.  Our client is truly amazed with the growth and has chosen to extend our contract to include additional SEO as a result of his success.

If you're a business owner then we encourage you to Contact Us to discuss how we can transform and grow your business as well.