Professional Video Editing and Film Production in Ventura

by The Final Code

In addition to providing an innovative and forward-thinking approach to software design and website production, our staff also provides top-class video production and video / film editing services.  Our film production manager holds a degree from the University of Southern California film school and has an impressive resume of credits.  Needless to say, film production and video editing is one of our favorite services.  We love receiving requests to produce videos of any kind - some of these videos are a lot of fun!

It is always interesting to have a glimpse into the companies of all the different clients that contact us.  Each time we think we've seen everything - the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker - something new presents itself.

One of our latest clients contacted us for an urgent video job.  We received a message from a very friendly professional local to Ventura who specializes in investment management, retirement planning, 401k/profit sharing assistance, and other financial services.  He requested the production of a video accompanied by music to serve as a visual aid during an upcoming presentation for a group of his clients.

He specified that the video had to be the highest possible quality because it had to make a strong, confidence-inspiring impression on his clients.  He also needed the video to be completed very quickly because this important meeting was around a week away.  He expressed some concern about if we would be able to meet the deadline on short notice without compromising the result.  This client was well-prepared and gave us a few specific guidelines and ideas for some aspects of the video.  He also requested that we improvise ideas in several areas of the video in which he couldn't decide what to do.

We were able to implement the specifications he provided exactly as requested - and the client couldn't have been more pleased with the improvised areas of the video.

The client expressed to us that the video brought to life the idea that he had in his head and successfully conveyed the vision and feeling he imagined to the audience.  He was impressed by the great quality and care with which it was produced in a short period of time.

We greatly enjoyed working with this client - he was extremely professional, polite, and well prepared - we also appreciated his confidence in us throughout the short project.  It is always a very satisfying experience when both client and contractor are equally pleased.

Don't think twice about contacting us for your own video production needs.  Our 1068 E. Main St. office is available for walk-ins Monday-Friday, 9am-4:30pm.  You may also call (805) 243-8321 or email to schedule an appointment for a free consultation.