SEO for Ventura clients

by Administrator

It's always a great feeling when things are going well for a client.  SEO in Ventura in particular is such a difficult undertaking.  Everyone wants to gather all of the traffic.  To succeed you have to be more diligent and more relentless than your competitors.  When a client wins additional business as a result of your efforts it is very satisfying not only because we have helped our client but because it also validates our SEO strategy.

SEO for companies in Ventura County
About two months after ago we were contracted for SEO in the Santa Barbara, Ventura, and Los Angeles areas we received some feedback from a client who expressed how well their business was doing since they started working with us.  They were winning new long-term contracts and their business was flourishing.  They were so impressed with our services that they decided to purchase a contract for long term results.

They are doing very well in terms of winning contracts for most of the services they are offering.  We helped them to identify a few areas for improvement.  They were having trouble expanding their business into the San Diego area.  Without going into too much detail, our solution was to generate additional content announcing that their services were available in the San Diego area.  We strategically coded the content to be picked up by any users searching for their services in the San Diego area.  We also made sure the content was well written, completely original, and carefully contained phrases we anticipated their potential clients would search for online.  In addition to their website we published the content to a variety of outlets and social channels.  In less than one month our client reported that he had secured new long-term service contracts in the San Diego area!  Just one contract equals a lot of additional long-term revenue so this is a very big deal for our client.

SEO in Southern California

In general, so many people seem to become stressed over their lack of revenue while continuing to invest in dated media formats.  Written formats such as newspapers are known to be failing and many are falling out of circulation.  Hoping that they come back in to fashion while continuing to invest in them does a disservice to the company.  

In such a challenging economic landscape it feels extremely gratifying to know that we can help companies flourish.  While SEO for specific industries or service areas can be more challenging than others the solution is usually fairly simple like it was in this case, it just takes some hard work.

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