Website recreation with SEO by Ventura Website Designer

by The Final Code

Website creation with SEO in Ventura, CA

Once upon a time there was an artist - she couldn't update her website with photos of her art, and getting her web designer to do it for her was more difficult than guessing Rumpelstiltskin's name or spinning straw into gold.

In early 2014 we designed, created, and launched a custom website for an artist local to Ventura County.  This client was in a tough position when she came to us about commisioning a new website.  She found her self stuck in the all-too-common situation of being unable to make updates to her website.  Ultimately, she realized she needed to have total control over her website.

We came up with a great solution for her - rather than charging her to build a completely new website we recreated her existing website in our web Content Management System (Web CMS).  Our Web CMS allows her to control her site.  All text, images, pages, and more can all be easily managed without any coding.

Her previous web designer was not located near her and contacting him was very difficult.  When she was actually able to get in touch with him to make requests for site changes and updates she would have to wait for months sometimes until he got around to it, sometimes he would just never make the updates at all.  Eventually he just stopped responding altogether.  He disappeared, never to be heard from again - like Rumpelstiltskin.  

Apparently, working with him wasn't too far off from one of Grimm's fairytales.  Guessing Rumpelstiltskin's name was easier than contacting him, you would have an easier time trying to spin straw into gold than to convince him to upload a picture onto the website, and you would feel like you were sacrificing your first born child when you received his invoice.

Unfortunately, he wasn't exactly spinning straw into gold with the websites he designed.  She didn't have any idea if she was gathering traffic to her website since neither her website nor her website designer was providing her with any traffic statistics or reporting, but the sheer lack of phone calls and/or emails was a clear indication that online users were not finding her site.

As a portrait artist the ability to upload images to her site with ease on a regular basis is vital to this client's work.  Her clients literally base their decision to commission a portrait (or not) off of the examples displayed on her site.  The ability to change out images as she sees fit allows her to use her own artistic discretion to continuously determine which images best convey her skills to her potential clients.

Our solution for her was to design a new site in our content management system.  This gives her the ability to manage updates personally so she is never at the mercy of any imp-like web designer again.  Of course, most clients will require support and assistance from time to time, especially when they are new to our system.  Fortunately, we aren't building websites out of some remote mountain cottage in central Europe while hopping around a fire and chanting lines of code.  Our commercial store-front boutique web-shop is located on Main St. in downtown Ventura, so whenever our client gets stuck she can stop on by and solve the problem today.  Of course, we're always available by telephone, email, skype, text, crystal ball, or whichever method is easiest for our clients.

We also adressed the SEO issues apparent in her previous website.  We guided her in creating high-quality, useful, relevant content for search engine indexing and handled any SEO programming on her behalf to ensure optimal search engine placement.

She is now receiving great traffic from search engine referrals and people are commissioning portraits from her after finding her website.  Now all is well - and what of her old web designer?  Last we heard he had become so angry that he stamped his feet so hard that he created a massive chasm in the ground, disappeared into it, and nobody ever heard from him again.

In the end the unreliable designer is gone and so are the artist's problems.  We invite you to peruse her website ( for more information about her work.