Medical website design solutions, Ventura

by The Final Code

We're excited about several great medical website design solutions we've developed for different clients of ours who are medical professionals working in various segments of the medical care industry. Ventura and Santa Barbara each have bustling medical communities, with our company also being based in Ventura and Santa Barbara we are uniquely situated to serve doctors or other medical professionals involved in these two medical communities.

When offering support to clients involved in such a specialized industry it is important to have a great understanding of that industry and an awareness for how information needs to be presented to users - especially if those users are medical professionals. A fairly thorough understanding of key concepts or ideas related to each client's practice is necessary to effectively serve the client. Naturally, this conceptual understanding requires years of experience in some cases. Establishing lasting relationships between client and company is especially important to clients in the medical industry because integrating a new web company into their practice can be difficult.

We've recently worked on an interesting project for partnered clients who work primarily as emergency room / trauma physicians. When not on call at the ER they work as educators who provide continuing medical education to physicians relating to Trauma and Emergency Medicine. They provide several continuing medical education (CME) seminars throughout the United States each year.

Most medical doctors are required to earn a certain amount of CME credits each year to maintain an active medical license - and with 878,194 licensed physicians in the U.S as of 2012 there is a considerable demand for high quality CME courses. Many medical professionals have expressed the need for ways in which they can earn comprehensive CME credits in their field without having to enroll or attend a multitude of either expensive or time consuming courses or seminars.

To address this demand for high quality continuing medical education, our clients conceived of a medical hub website in which physicians could purchase and access medical reference materials which include step-by-step instructional videos for various emergency medicine and trauma related procedures. In addition to accessing these reference materials, users can also use this website to register for seminars held by our clients around the United States. Physicians practicing emergency medicine or trauma can fulfill their yearly continuing medical education requirements by attending just one of these seminars. This is a great way for trauma and emergency physicians to maintain their medical license and it removes the need for physicians to attend several training courses throughout the year.

In addition to creating this online medical portal for these emergency medicine physicians we've done something very similar for the world's most successful endodontist who is another client of ours. There are only approximately 4,000 endodontists in the US so seeking a second opinion or advice from a local peer may not be possible for an endodontist, especially if they find themselves caught with an immediate question regarding a procedure.

The online medical portal we've created for endodontists is very similar to the emergency medicine portal because it allows them to access the portal and purchase detailed educational and procedural reference materials. One of the key concepts of this endodontics portal is to provide procedural training videos that are so readily available and easy to access that a dentist or endodontist can access the materials with the patient in the chair if they need to seek clarification on how to handle a particular case. Now, medical professionals in various settings can access one of our portals to reacquaint themselves with particular procedures or possibly receive initial exposure to new concepts or ideas.

Web portals in general are used to provide an area specifically designed for people to access materials according relating to a specifc industry, field or topic. Our portals allow these materials to be accessed from any kind of device. From Trauma and ER related portals to Endodontics and Dental portals, we are creating informational hubs which each relate to assorted areas of the medical field. this kind of ties them all together, not only doing it for ER/Trauma, also for other things from Endo/Dentist, see how to do procedures without traveling to visit workshops.

We're currently creating several different online portals including portals for other areas of the medical industry. Portals are also coming soon for university training programs in the United Kingdom and Australia with more universities to come soon. Although medical industry solutions are a forte of ours, we actually have a very diverse range of clients and we are also making a series of portal for the music industry which we'll talk about later in a separate article.

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