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Ventura SEO Strategy Part 2 - Keyphrase selection

In our last SEO Strategy blog we discussed some common mistakes which may occur as a result of poor planning prior to beginning an SEO campaign. In this installment we'll discuss which factors should be reviewed and organized prior to beginning the SEO campaign.


Target Market Research

Target Market Research for SEOThe most logical way to get started is to spend some time working on Target Market Research. It is important to determine what or who is the target of your SEO marketing efforts. You should be aware of what your most successful competitors and what your least successful competitors are doing to generate search engine leads. This doesn't necessarily mean that you should model your plan after what another company is doing, but this may provide insight into how competetive your market is from an SEO standpoint as well as educate you regarding common SEO practices both good and bad. The first element you should acccomplish during this process is identifying your target keyphrases.


Keyphrase Selection

Keyphrase selection for Google #1 RankingsYou'll need to determine which search engine queries your target customers or clients use to attempt to find the products or services which you are offering. Queries may vary greatly from user to user, and in many cases 10 people may use 10 different queries. For example, when searching for a mechanic one person may query "Mechanic", another may use the phrase "Car repair", and another may enter "Find an auto repair shop near me". You'll likely be able to identify an overwhelming amount of possibilities for most companies. The potential variations may become extremely numerous if a large amount of services are offered. If your services or products are specific to a certain service area or physical location then that service area should be merged with the target keyphrase to create a compound keyphrase. For example "Mechanic in Los Angeles". This is the basic concept in what is called a " Local SEO" campaign. Once you've identified which phrases you're most interested in targeting the first step is complete, and you now know in which cases you want your website to rank #1 - when a user searches "target keyphrase 1".

Check back for our next release when we discuss the best SEO strategy to use after you've identified your target keyphrases.

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SEO is a blend of art and science which requires carefully merging known and unknown software algorithms and their behaviors with creative writing and marketing sensibilities. Achieving an optimal balance between all three elements is very difficult, but the greatest challenge is probably for one person to be a master of all three areas at the same time. To provide the best possible SEO services in Ventura County we have a team of professionals each specializing in their own area to provide SEO and online marketing services. This allows each person to provide their expertise to one element of the project. The collective effort provides a much more authentic and higher quality service than many other companies which have one person wearing many different hats.

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