SEO Strategy Part 3 - Content driven SEO

by The Final Code

Search Engine Optimization Strategy Part 3 - Content driven SEO for Ventura's Businesses

Search Engine QueryIn the first two parts of our Search Engine Optimization Strategy series we've discussed what not to do when beginning an SEO campaign, and we've explained that the first step in a well-organized SEO strategy is choosing the search engine queries your company is targeting. Now that you've selected the first handful of queries to target, what's next? Or rather, what do you do with these queries?

The SEO strategy we recommend in most cases is a content driven SEO campaign. Content driven SEO means that actual website text content is created which includes, covers, and generally provides information about a target keyphrase. You'll recall that in part 1 of our SEO Strategy series we discussed the dangers of intentionally duplicated or copied website material. Be cautious when hiring a person or company to write content for your SEO campaign. There are many overseas companies offering content writing services for too-good-to-be-true prices. One problem with these types of scenarios in which you're dealing with a person you can't meet with face to face is that you don't necessarily know where this content is coming from and you can't easily verify its authenticity. Be sure that the content writer explains their process for writing and cites their sources when applicable.

Our content SEO workflow is to conduct interviews with the client to extract infomation to serve as the main resource for content creation. In our experience this usually yields the best results and it ensures that the content is not only accurate and high-quality, but also completely unique and original.

Achieve Search Engine Rankings with Google SEO StrategyGoogle's algorithm is a secret, but they've made it clear that their mission statement is to provide its users with the highest quality, most relevant, most useful, and most current information about whatever they're searching for. Our content driven SEO does exactly that and matches Google's guidelines nicely for what makes high quality content and high ranking content.

As you go further along in your SEO strategy it can become more complex to execute it which is why careful planning in close collaboration with a professional is essential.

We can't go into specific detail in this article about our specific writing methods and strategies, nor can we provide a step by step procedure. If you'd like to discuss how you can get started on your own content driven SEO campaign then we invite you to contact us or stop by our office in Ventura to arrange an SEO consultation.

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