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by The Final Code

SEO Tips, Techniques, Tools - California SEO Company

We’ve been in the internet marketing business for 19 years. During that time period, search engine optimization has evolved greatly as search engines become more sophisticated. This sophistication has made it easier for users to find the info they seek, but it’s made the task of organizing site information to be easy to find more complex. This is a good thing, because it forces site admins to organize their content well, make sure the content answers the user’s informational needs, and weeds out any low quality websites and content in the process.

We regularly consult with new clients, most of whom have websites when they approach us, and we discover strange surprises when auditing the sites. We’re in the position of having to assess their situation, look at their website, and get background information on who built the site, what they were told it would do, and how much it cost. This is the point when things can get “interesting”, especially when it comes to any SEO services they’ve paid for. We say paid for instead of received because they’re often two different things in this industry.

SEO can be beautiful in its dynamic ability to deliver information quickly and accurately to a very specific target audience. The ugly side of SEO is that those paying for SEO don’t understand what it does, and too often neither does the “optimizer” being paid for the services.

Making matters even worse is the various “Plug In SEO” applications. SEO is more than just checking boxes and selecting options from a menu, in fact, SEO doesn’t involve any of those things. SEO is a complete process, not a widget you drop into your site, and it must be built into your site from the site’s conception.

In the coming weeks we’re going to be releasing a series of articles shedding light on how to pursue SEO for your business, how an SEO company should build SEO into your website, as well as highlight success stories from our own client base to show our SEO solutions in action. We recognize that there is a tremendous need for expert SEO guidance, and that the immense number of low cost / low quality SEO offers are drowning out the voice of the few proper providers of SEO. Check back regularly as we detail what is good SEO and what is dated or bad practices, how to begin planning your SEO strategy, and how to future-proof your website as much as possible for inevitable web updates.

If you've already realized you need an SEO specialist, or you just know that your business needs to make a move to stay competitive in the 21st-century marketplace, contact us now to get started with a free consultation and to learn more about our services. The sooner you get started the faster our internet marketing strategies can transform your business.