Pacific Camps

by The Final Code

The Final Code of Ventura Donates Website to Non-Profit Organization Pacific Camps

Pacific Camps of Southern California trusted digital marketing firm, The Final Code, to create a new website that would allow the camp the web features they need.

Pacific Camps is a non-profit before and after-school and summer camp with locations in Ventura, Oxnard, Camarillo, Newbury Park, Thousand Oaks, and Simi Valley. Pacific Camps offers child care to children ages pre-school through eighth grade.

Pacific Camps’ Executive Director Bud Harley, his colleague and brother Ed Harley, and The Final Code are all members of the local Ventura-based Business Network International ( chapter. Pacific Camps had expressed that they were seeking bids from web companies to build a new website for their non-profit.

Pacific Camps had been experiencing a variety of challenges with their website. It was not possible for them to update their site with current information such as special events, camp calendars, photos, and other information. With so many kids across several locations, there is a lot to share.

The Final Code, through its mutual BNI association with Pacific Camps, had been made aware that Pacific Camps was experiencing financial difficulties due to cutbacks in federal funding which had provided some financial relief to the organization. Considering the circumstances, The Final Code decided to donate a new website (and the labor to build it) containing all the necessary features. In addition, The Final Code provided free training to Pacific Camps' staff members so that they can make full use of the new website through our web content management system. This provides each location manager with the ability to provide pertinent information to all parents and users.

Pacific Camps now has all the features and functions they need:

  • A brand-new, fully mobile-responsive web design. The new mobile-responsive website allows parents to use all the website functions from their mobile phones. These functions including checking camp schedules, paying camp fees, depositing money into their kid’s accounts for things like snacks, t-shirts, and more. Parents can even make a donation to Pacific Camps using the new responsive site from their mobile phones. A new payment processing solution has been integrated into the website to make online transactions as efficient and secure as possible.
  • Although each location has its own social media accounts, staff members for the various locations in different cities could not make website updates for their specific camp location. Each camp director now has the ability to completely manage all of their camp's information - uploading photos, making announcements, changing information, etc.
  • The main objective was to keep all camp information up to date so parents would not need to call and email. Previously Pacific Camps could not make announcements for parents on their website. They had a Google calendar but couldn't do much with it. Now, with our events module camp directors are able to quickly and easily make announcements for special events or functions, as well as announcements for important updates or changes to camp calendars and schedules.
  • The design from Pacific Camps’ original website has been kept in the new site.  Pacific Camps likes the theme of their website and retaining the design makes the transition to the new site smooth.
  • Each camp location can have their own unique image galleries with images exclusively from their camp.  Previously, every location shared the same images and directors had no ability to change the images.  Now, each camp has its own unique personality and touch.
  • The most important feature is that each camp's directory is completely in control of all the website information.  Announcements, calendars, camp information, creating and editing web pages are all controlled by camp directors.  Each director has received training so that they can make full use of all their website's features.
  • A new online store will be added which will allow parents to pay for their children's registrations through the website.  Before and after school programs, summer camps, preschool and kindergarten programs can all be paid for by parents online through the website so the need to handle physical checks or cash has been eliminated.
  • The online store will also allow parents to deposit money into their children's accounts for snack money or other convenient uses.  Through the online store parents can purchase t-shirts, sweatshirts, coffee mugs, or even make donations.

There are many new features which will be added in the coming months as each camp's staff completes additional training.  The Final Code's software and Pacific Camp's new website allows them to do all of that.

The ownership of The Final Code has expressed that The Final Code often chooses to donate its time and technology to community leaders.  The Harley brothers provide a valuable service in the form of a safe and fun environment for our children.  The Final Code is happy to contribute because a cause such as Pacific Camp's is the very reason why we're all working.

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