E-Club Subscriptions

by The Final Code

The 'E- Club Subscriptions' feature allows for maintaining computer mediated communication. You have your site up and  your store is set up for the masses to purchase your products but you want to communicate beyond sales with your customers to make sure they are satisfied and want to return so what can you do? Calling them individually can be time consuming, turn into a game of phone tag or worse end up disastrous due to people hating telemarketers these day. You can opt for mailing out coupons but this method is becoming a thing of the past not to mention it can be costly depending on your client base.

Because of these reasons we have created the 'E- Club Subscriptions' feature which will allow you to touch base with your customers in a time efficient manner to not only keep them informed on updates and specials but most of all so you can show your appreciation by generating personalized discounts. Of course this Total Control feature is just as easy to use as the rest of our application and set up in a way that customers don’t have to figure out ‘how’ but just simply select and click after typing in the requested information. E- Club subscriptions allows you to make your internet presence a bit more personable so go ahead set up your feature right now and make a difference in internet shopping.

Total Control’s E-Club feature has a variety of applications.  If you have a website for which you would like site users to create user accounts then you can have them sign up for the E-Club.  Users will be required to enter their name, email address, and also to create a password.

An E-Club is a great way to keep your site users updated with news or special offers.  Users can choose to receive special offers from your business via email or to receive reminders or offers for special events.  Bulk email templates can be built and be set to automatically email members of your e-club.  These bulk emails can be sent to all users who choose to receive special offers, they can also be set to automatically mail users who choose to be reminded of dates and special occasions.  When a user registers for your site’s E-Club they can indicate exactly which types of offers they are willing to receive, and they are able to opt-out of the promotional mailing anytime they choose.  Users can also edit or update their account information anytime.

The E-Club has other potential applications as well.  For example, if you have webpages, or even an entire site, for which you want to require users to register for an account and be logged-in to view those pages, then you can protect those pages with an Access Level and only allow registered users who are logged in to view those pages. This would be useful if your site contains a user forum for which only registered users can post on the forum. The E-Club / User Account function opens up a huge range of possibilities for your website.

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