Web Image Gallery Management

by The Final Code

The “Image Galleries” feature is an intelligent web image gallery management tool which is useful for several purposes.  To begin with, galleries are helpful in the organization of images - this is especially true for websites using large amounts of images. 

You can organize images into relevant galleries.  For example, a photography site could consider organizing all of their images into galleries such as Beaches, Wildlife, and Urban.

Once you have organized a set of images into a gallery, you can choose Galleries can be set to display in any portion of the website, including the header space.  The galleries are set by the site admin to rotate through the images the gallery contains.  From a displayed gallery you can also choose to show other gallery categories, display a category description, show the gallery sets menu so users can link to other galleries, display image information such as name and description, show thumbnail previews of previous and next gallery images, and set the slideshow to rotate images manually or automatically at preset intervals.  This is a fun way to add some visual appeal to your website. 

When a gallery is set to display in the header space of the website its appearance and display style can be customized even further.  The width of the gallery, height, and horizontal alignment, can all be adjusted.  Transition effects can be applied so that gallery images fade from one image to the next, or slide up, down, left or right.  The transition fades can be highly customized and adjusted.  Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) strings can be applied to these header galleries to add specialized effects to the gallery image appearances.

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