Admin Search, CMS search, Backend search

by The Final Code

The “Search” feature is one of the most useful features in the Total Control system, even if it probably is overlooked by some admin users.  The admin search feature is a backend, CMS admin interface tool (although, the public side of all Total Control websites features a search function) which will allow you to find any page, blog, or store item that contains the search terms.  You can also choose to isolate a search to any combination of page, blog, and store item results.

This search function has a large amount of practical uses.  You can locate all store items that contain a particular product for easy editing and managing of particular products - this functionality is probably necessary if you are managing a large online store.  If you need to edit the prices of every pair of jeans in your store you can locate those items with a search for “Jeans” (assuming the product name or description contains the word “Jeans”).

Perhaps a website is an information resource for a broad subject such as “Electronic Theory” and you need to edit the information provided across the site for a particular subject such as “Ohm’s Law”.  Using the search function you can locate every page that contains any mention of “Ohm’s Law”, this will allow you to keep track of the information you are providing for each particular subject.

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