E-Commerce website, E-Commerce CMS software

by The Final Code

All E-Commerce Store items can be logically organized in the CMS website software by category and sub-category - this is great for online stores with many items.  Unlimited items, categories and subcategories can be created so don’t be shy about using Total Control for online stores with thousands of items like electronic parts suppliers.

Store Items can be created with extreme details such as name, list and sale prices, item and manufacturer IDs, available delivery types, and shipping details such as weight and dimensions.

Detailed product descriptions can be added which can include additional text, images, video, and html code.

Parameters such as stock availability can also be easily controlled and updated.

SEO data such as Title, Description, and Keywords can be created for each item making products searchable by search engines such as Google so that customers can find your store and buy your products.

Total Control contains all of the web tools a developer, graphic desginer, or business owner may need to complete any project.  CLICK HERE to discover all of Total Control's features.